Sunday, 16 October 2011

Family Fun.

Good Evening,

Terribly sorry for the delay in this week's 'Thank Frock It's Friday' but it has been a hectic weekend and we have mostly been on the road. It was also my Grandmother's 80th Birthday so we popped back to Northampton for a family gathering. To stick with this week's family theme, we asked my little sister Emily to pose for our chosen outfit.

★ Faux Fur Snood From ASOS 

★ Vintage 1970s burnt orange dress with bell sleeves AVAILABLE HERE 

★ Belt was a charity shop find 

★ Owl ring from H&M 

★ Antique ring from Scrooge 

★ Orange ring from a vintage fair 

★ Topshop shoes from quite a few years back 

Judging by the next few pictures you are probably going to be under the impression that we have been messing around playing games, but I hadn't played conkers since school and thought it would be a good old fashioned English game to show Margaux. Game On! England Vs France AGAIN. In the left corner, on her debut and wearing her 'most comfortable' pink and peach floral dress, against the Englishman in blue and in the right corner wearing a stupid face. Could this be beginners luck for the little French woman or could it be revenge for the rugby world cup match last weekend?!?...
Out of extreme excitement, I totally missed her conker. Then Margaux lined up a gooden' and tangled them both up. As you can see, we are quite the Pros! It was hilariously funny and it had the whole party in hysterics...

We also have another few snaps to show you of our last trip to France coming in the next few days and 'Dress Of The Week' tomorrow!!!

Hope you have had a splendid weekend,



  1. gorgeous outfit in the first pictures!

    you have some lovely things on your etsy, i'm hoping to buy a dress with birthday money, hopefully it'll still be there in a couple weeks :)


  2. The last few photos of this post are just too adorable :-D
    You're one of my favourite couples!!