Sunday, 4 March 2012

Up On Devil's Dyke

Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen! First of all, we are very sorry we haven't posted in such a long time, we have been super busy with the Etsy shop and Alec has a lot of uni work on at the minute.

Today we have an outfit post for you! A little while ago, me and Alec decided to drive up to Devil's Dyke in West Sussex. It is such a beautiful place, we had a good walk around and it was SO cold, bear in mind I was wearing a pair of white summer shoes... They are amazing but I will definitely wait for warmer days to slip my feet back in them! Later on we had a lovely roast dinner and a couple of drinks in the only pub around, which happened to be serving Alec's favourite Ale : Bengal Lancer. (It is pretty tricky to come across, he was IN HEAVEN!) Then we were lucky enough to witness a stunning sunset and drove back home exhausted and satisfied!

I'm wearing:

 *Faux-Fur Brown Coat*
*1920s Evening Jacket*
*1950s tea dress (available to purchase here)*
*1970s Shoes*

Alec and his Bengal Lancer! 

We have an exciting post ready for you this week, keep your eyes peeled!!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! 

Margaux x