Monday, 3 October 2011

The Goose Is On The Loose!

It was a beautiful sunny day in Brighton. Plenty of people flocked to the beach to catch what could be the last of the 'Indian Summer' here in England. Hence, this week we have chosen a summery dress to match this perfect weather we are having.

This is a 1950s house dress with a wonderful multicoloured floral print and classy shawl collar, it certainly attracted the geese. That and the fact Margaux had half a loaf of bread in her bag...

They managed to scoff all the crumbs in sight within the space of five minutes and then to my amusement, ended up chasing Margaux half way round the pond hissing and honking. It happened far too fast to get a clear picture of the offenders but we are pleased to let you know that the bottom picture was given to us by a very reliable source in the shape of a little field mouse who was reluctant at first, but gave us this mug shot of one of the honkers and told us to take it straight to the Badger and not mention he was involved.

We hope you enjoy the dress and have an exquisite evening!

Lots of Love,

Alec & Margaux


  1. these photos are so colorful and joyful! Love the collar on your dress. And those green shoes!

  2. Beeeeautiful photos once again! :-D

  3. these pictures and your style are sensational! but I hate geese, haha, they are so agressive! :D

  4. Oh and can I just say, this is probably the only blog that i've seen so far that I pretty much want every outfit i've seen! LOVE IT!