Friday, 11 November 2011

It's F F F Frrrrriday!!!

Eh up! 

Firstly, we would like to apologise for missing the last 'Thank Frock It's Friday' & 'Dress Of The Week'. We were extremely busy picking out bits and bobs in France.

Margaux is wearing:

✩ Vintage French 1950s Handmade Silk Evening Dress 

✩ Faux Fur Stole & Vintage Broach 

✩ Belt Was A Charity Shop Find 

✩ Heels were from a little French Boutique 

We have since set up our first stall at Frock Me Vintage Fair, which went very well! We very much enjoyed ourselves and would like to say a big Thank You to everyone who came along. The flat has been like an obstacle course for the past week or so, it is always fun when you have to do a triple back flip over a pile of suitcases, then crawl under the ironing board and hop over shoes and bags just to get into bed...

Here was our first stall! To be honest, we were extremely nervous...
Most of these items will feature on The Splendid Suitcase's Etsy Shop so keep them peepers peeled!!!

I took this photo while in France, I think it is one of my favourite photographs. We had a wonderful time and brought back far too much stuff! Margaux's little Renault Clio was brimming full of vintage treasures. I know it is a little bit late but here is a picture of the pumpkins we carved for Halloween and an old photograph we found of me and my sister when we were nippers. Hope everyone had a great Halloween, it is definitely one of my favourite days of the year!

On our way back home after taking photos of the dress, we saw a few friends and I had a go at slacklining. I was awful, and i mean terrible...

We're off to Bournemouth in a while as Im playing a gig at The Winchester with The Peppermint Beat Band. I'll be wearing my poppy for Armistice Day and paying my respects. We hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Much Love,

Alec & Margaux


  1. This is probably my favorite photoshoot of yours hah! I would be miserable at slacklining too I guess. Have a lovely weekend xx

  2. Thank you! I couldn't last more than 5 steps, I am sure you would be better than me... x

  3. Great post! Wish I was in Brighton at the time for the Frock me Vintage fair.


  4. The first photo is absolutely beautiful! I love how you can see the reflection through the puddle! Love the dress too.x

  5. I found your blog today and I must say, it's splendid, great, marvellous, wonderful, ...
    I like your fake fur stole with the brooch in the first pictures. It's absolutely the right thing to complete your dress. I'm looking forward to your next posts. Following you.
    Have a colourful day!

  6. so gorgeous! You look lovely. I love those little boots.


  7. I have just foud you are your fabulous blog in Penny´s round up Friday, and I shall be back for more.

  8. Aw an enormous thanks to all of you!!!! Your comments mean so much to us!