Friday, 18 November 2011

Gone Fishin'

Good Evening Ladles & Jellyspoons!!!

The sun now sets at around 4 o'clock in the evenings here in England, making it hard to fit everything into such a short day. We do try and get photographs sorted for Dress Of The Week and Thank Frock It's Friday but sometimes it is slightly difficult. Excuses Excuses I hear you say??? You are right, hence we have now come up with a genius way of being able to fit it all in. From the window of our little flat we have fashioned a fishing rod of sorts and every Monday and Friday after University or work, we cast out and reel the sun in slightly, giving us some precious time. Sorry to you Aussies! However, this does not make it acceptable to run onto private property and hurriedly take photographs for our readers. Ooooops! We got told off by the Head Mistress for being in her School. I did manage to charm her into letting us take a few photos, while Margaux sat blushing in the archway with a very cheeky smile on her chevy chase! And I thought being told off by teachers was behind me....

Anyway, here it is! It is a lovely 1950s Caramel Dress with Full Circle Skirt. Perfect for spinning as shown in the picture above. Margaux has become slightly obsessed with doing these little Gif animations so expect a lot more on here! According to the lady, the dress is extremely comfortable and warm. I wouldn't know as it's not my colour.

While our fishing rod was doing the business, we even managed to take a little trip into the countryside. There is this lovely little view point called Ditchling Beacon on the outskirts of Brighton, certainly worth a little visit.

Margaux's Outfit is :

✩ The Trusty Sheepskin Coat, extremely warm 

✩ Vintage 1960s Autumnal Coloured Paisley Print with Oversized Pointed Peter Pan Collar 

✩ Vintage 1970s Dark brown Suede Boots with fur lining, also warm... 

✩ Vintage Bag from an Emmaus in France 

We hope you have a wonderful weekend!




  1. Omg your blog is gorgeous. These photos are just omg and the gif is so cute. I love the idea of a "thank frock its friday". Thats fantastic. Very original and I absolutely adore it :) xxx