Friday, 25 November 2011

Ce Chat Est Fou!

Good evening! 

I just thought I'd start off by saying that we are overwhelmed by your comments and feedback both on this blog and our Etsy shop. We feel very lucky to have such lovely people supporting us. A big thanks to all of you! 

So today, after a lovely lunch at a small japanese restaurant called Pompoko, me and Alec went to the park, It was such a nice day and very warm for November (even though I did feel like an ice-cube after we took these photos!) I really hope it gets colder soon, I would love a white Christmas! We saw plenty of little creatures along the way, including a very friendly (slightly mad) cat who followed us everywhere, I have to admit I felt like snow white! Then Alec saw a perfect climbing tree, I would have joined him but my shoes are too big for me so I wisely chose to avoid a disaster! 

I'm wearing a beautiful handmade 1950s dress which will be available on our Etsy shop within the next couple of weeks, I know we haven't posted new items for a while but we're working hard and cannot wait to show you our new finds!

Have a wonderful weekend! 

Margaux & The Crazy Cat x


  1. oh guys, it's soo good to see you. it looks like you're living a happy cozy life down there.

    miss you thaaaaaaaaaaaaaat much.
    best wishes from Glasgow :)

    p.s. I enjoy your blog a lot, as it's the only way i can see you two are still alive.


  2. Love the dress and that cat is adorable!


  3. What a great blog! I love your dress, your kitty, and your squirrel :)

    Mabel Time

  4. such beautiful photos! Absolutely gorgeous.x

  5. lovely photos and quite a pretty dress too! glad i stumbled upon your blog. :)

    xo cara → blog

  6. I've just stumbled upon your lovely blog via Yours Truly & I'm enjoying the gorgeous photogrophy & enviable dresses. I'm very much looking forwarded to exploring your Etsy store when the post-Christmas funds allow! Also, your kitty cat looks so much like the one I had as a child, what a sweetheart :)

  7. You look gorgeous in that dress & these are such pretty pictures, love all the tress & the cute kitty animation is so fun. Hope you had a fantastic holidays, so great your moms could meet : )