Friday, 23 September 2011

That squirrel is off its nut...

Good Morning,

We have compiled another outfit for 'Thank Frock It's Friday' from our dearly beloved collection for you. We took the pictures in a wonderful little place in Brighton called Queens Park and met a few friends en route...

                   We were unsure of the red object that he had stashed in the trunk of the tree.

So here it is, from top down:

★ Jacket : Very pretty navy blue jacket with an impeccable fur neckline from the early 1940s.

★ Blouse : Vintage 60s white cotton pearl buttoned down shirt with beautiful and intricate cut work floral pattern.

★ Skirt : 1950s Accordion pleated skirt.

★ Handbag : 1970s White Handbag.

★ Tights : Stay ups from H&M

★ Shoes : Low Heels from Rokit a few years back.

The Jacket, Blouse and Handbag will be available to purchase from our Etsy shop as of next week!!!

Alec's band are playing at a festival this weekend so we will no doubt be knee deep in mud and picking out ridiculous costumes all weekend!  Any item that is purchased from The Splendid Suitcase as of 3 o'clock (UK time) Friday 23rd up until Sunday 25th will be shipped on the following Monday!

Have a wonderful weekend mes amis!!!