Monday, 12 September 2011

Tutti Fruity...

So here it is, we told you it was a bit fruity eh? Toootally tropical. As soon as we discovered this garment, we both took a few seconds to awe at its beauty, then snapped our necks back upright and stared at each other with mouths open that wide you probably could have fit the whole dress into one of them. This 1960s Baby Doll Mini Dress sure does put a cheeky smile on your face! It is one of those dresses that you could slip on if you feel a bit down that day and it will cheer you right up, That is why it is our Dress Of The Week.

We do hope you like it,

Alec & Margaux

P.s We have something special in store for you in the next few days, 'keep your eyes peeled!'


  1. Oh my goodness! This dress is perfection!

  2. Beautiful dress. I am coming to Brighton at the end of the month and i want to come home with a lovely vintage piece. I will deffinately be dropping by!


  3. Thank you so much ladies!

    Jade: I'm afraid we have only got an Etsy shop at the moment: :)
    We are hoping to be opening a shop at some point in the near future though! Sorry for being confusing!

    Margaux x