Monday, 5 September 2011

They Call It Stormy Monday...

A very stormy Monday in Brighton indeed, one minute it was raining cats and dogs and the next it was as sunny as our 1st "Dress Of The Week", which we have featured above. It is a 1960s psychedelic trapeze dress and we thought it would be perrrrrrfect, as the autumnal colours fit in lovely with the end of summer and the start of the colder months. 


We wrapped up and went for a evening stroll along the beach. The waves were monstrous! We could barely stand up long enough to take a picture. T-Bone's 'Stormy Monday' popped into my head, hense the name for my first post. I managed to get a photograph of how fearsome the waves were and we headed back to warmth. It was all worth it afterward, when you look in the mirror and chuckle, as it looks like you have had your head hanging out of a car window going at 100 mile an hour. I love getting that delightful taste of salt on your lips too. Here's a little clip of the man himself, T-Bone Walker.

Over & Out.

Alec x

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