Friday, 10 February 2012

The Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Korrigans

Good Evening Ladies & Gentlemen,
      We have returned from another lovely trip to France. It was wonderful seeing all of Margaux's family as usual. We had a whole week of rummaging and picking so we hope you like some of the next instalments on the shop. We are very pleased and excited to tell you that The Splendid Suitcase are opening a Mens & Children's Section!!! We have a selection of three & two piece suits, suit jackets & tweed jackets. We also have some exquisite items coming for you lovely ladies. Including TWO 'Courreges' coats!!! 

Without further ado I present to you our new outfit blog! The photos were taken by the beautiful coast of the Côtes D'armor region in Brittany.

We found a magical book which said that Korrigans used to dance around on this beach and hide within the crevasses of the rock. How hilarious!
Margaux recently had the zipper on this dress fixed by the lovely people at Buddy's in Brighton. It is my favourite dress she owns, well maybe apart from the one I bought her for Christmas...

It is a Handmade 1950s Black Full Skirt Dress. It has three quarter length sleeves, a fitted waist and a half pleated full circle skirt.
It started to rain, so we went for a little drive down the coast.
Luckily we had a Brolly in the car, it was raining cats & dogs!
Margaux went for the Mary Poppins look.
The scenery around Perros-Guirrec is stunning. It is never hard to find a place to take a photo or two! 

We thought this witchlike photo fitted quite well with the story of the Korrigans.

Our next post will feature some of our recent finds which we are very excited to share with you. For all you Rockabilly Boys and Girls or 50s enthusiasts, we have some amazing pieces including real 1950s French sailor and marine coats, shirts and middy blouses,  and for all Mods and 60s lovers we have some psychedelic, trapeze and mini dresses and much much more coming to The Splendid Suitcase!!!

We will leave you with a little animation of Margaux getting splashed.

Have a Splendiferous weekend,

Much Love,



  1. So beautiful. Possibly one of the best posts you've ever done!
    The first few photos reminded me of 'The Piano' <3 <3 <3

  2. The place is breathtaking and I love that black dress!

  3. Great pics as usual! I remember going to Perros Guirec when i was little- but i can't remember anything about it- i guess that means i need to go back! x

    1. Thank you very much! You should definitely try to go back, it's a beautiful place :) x

  4. Margaux looks stunning in these photos (as always)! Especially with that umbrella :)
    Ps. thank you for your lovely comment on my drawing! ~Elishia x

  5. Coucou !

    Génial les photos ! Je vis à Brest et ça me fait trop plaisir de voir ma petite Bretagne mis en valeur dans votre blog <3
    Et Perros-Guirrec c'est juste trop mignon :)

    Des bisous,

    1. Et très belle robe :) J'adore le côté Mary Poppins !