Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Good Day Sunshine!!! Dah-D-Dah...

Well hello again Ladies & Gentlemen!

How are we all? We had some beautiful weather on the South East Coast of England last week, it did get colder by the weekend but it had to happen at some point didn't it, we were in Blighty after all and it was March...

Now we have travelled the English Channel and arrived at a warm and wonderful Brittany where April has certainly arrived in style! 

We have a very special post for this week, The Splendid Suitcase has teamed up with artistic director, fashion stylist and not to mention a very dear friend, Hollie Peck. But first of all, we have an outfit post.

Margaux is wearing:

✩ 1930s / 40s Taupe Persian Lamb Fur Coat / Peter Pan Collar / French / With Exquisite Buttons 
✩ Cardigan from H&M 
✩ 1960s Navy Blue Eyelet Dress 
✩ 1960s Blue Heels 
✩ And her trusty faux fur stole 

We are very excited to introduce Hollie's work. Hollie is an innovative stylist who works closely with her brother, together they create magnificent pieces like these below.

 Here is a link to more of her work -

Here is also a link to her brother, Joel Peck's Photography Blog

The shoot was taken on Brighton beach while the tide was far out. All props were styled by the lovely Stef Callaghan

We would like to say a BIG Thank You to all of these wonderful people for including The Splendid Suitcase in their project.

This wedding dress will be up on the shop in the next couple of weeks, so keep your eyes peeled!
This evening dress is available to purchase from our Etsy shop here.
Take a look at this Victorian Mourning Cape...

Hollie has recently borrowed some more items for another shoot, so we shall post the new photos up when they are ready! For a sneak peak of behind the scenes, Go Here!

We are also going to bring you a few outfit posts and keep you up to date on recent finds this week. VIVE LA FRANCE!

Much Love,

Alec & Margaux


  1. Wow, that is quite 'out there'! Great clothes, Hope you are having a brilliant Easter!

  2. amazing photos- they look like they were taken in outer space!

    cara | fanciness vintage

  3. Beautiful outfit, and that photoshoot is amazing, so ethereal and by the sea, perfect! x